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Christopher @ Architects LLC is an award winning firm located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. We are a full-service, design-oriented architectural firm successfully demonstrating our integrity, quality service and leadership in our projects since 1999. We hold in high regard the fact that our commitment to “Creating Lasting Expressions of Vision and Value” has allowed us to foster long-term relationships with our clients. These relationships have proven to be as sustainable as the designs we create.

Our experience includes a plethora of building types, ranging from senior living to auto dealerships to both industrial and residential developments. Regardless of the type of design you are looking for, we will always bring our skills and attention to the table. We enjoy partnering with our clients to support and enhance their vision with our innovation and expertise. We are there to guide you in the right direction, be your advocate, and help you towards completing a successful project.

We excel in customization and can include “green” technologies where desired. We intentionally work with a range of consultants, engineers and other experts to ensure our clients receive the talent needed for their project. We love attending to details. We love creating beautiful things. With both we enrich the communities around us. If you feel the same, we would love to partner with you in your endeavor. Please give us a call.


Due Diligence/Research/Documentation/Contextual Analysis

At this stage:
Public reviews & presentations may be required before proceeding with your project.
We will seek approval for building or parking setbacks and land use restrictions if needed.
We create presentation drawings and will even represent you at any public presentations or assist you in presenting.
We can research earlier versions of your property, create existing base drawings and review current building settings.

Site Design/Analysis/Planning

At this stage:
We will work with you to make sure the correct site is chosen in accordance with your vision.
During this phase we discuss the land use of your entire site, to increase your benefit.
We will work with your Civil Engineer to determine water management and paving locations.

Schematic Building Design/Programming

At this stage:
We ask you about your lifestyle, wishes and long-term needs. Based on your preferences and design issues, we create custom floor plans, and then elevations. Our expertise and experience in this area has benefitted many clients.
We can also discuss and incorporate “green” technologies if this is a priority for you.

Design Development/Engineering

At this stage:
On larger projects we hire engineering consultants to calculate and design the structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems of the building. On smaller projects we often do this work ourselves.
We discuss the use of the building materials and products depending upon the level of design service you request.

Interior Design/Finishes

At this stage:
We can provide a range of interior design services.
At the basic level we identify standard materials for floors, walls, and ceilings.
At another level we work with you to choose specific finish materials for the floors, walls, and ceilings.
We can also work with you to choose appropriate furnishings, wall hangings and accessories that compliment the rest of the design.

Construction Drawings/ Permit Drawings/ Specifications

At this stage:
The drawing process is continued and information for both the City Building Department’s permit & the Contractor’s bidding is added.
The building department is checking to verify that the building meets the state building code, local building codes and zone ordinances.
The General Contractor will use these drawings to construct your building. These drawings will also be used as an “exhibit” in your legal agreement with the Contractor and are very important in getting your intended design.

Contractor Bidding & Negotiation

At this stage:
The construction drawings and specifications are bid out to General Contractors. By looking at the quality of their work and bids, we can assist you in choosing a Contractor and help to negotiate the important construction contract with the General Contractor, utilizing a standard industry AIA agreement

Construction Observation & Advice

At this stage:
We visit the site and observe the apparent quality of the construction and review whether the contractors appear to be following the design intentions.
Often we meet periodically with the Contractors at regular job meetings. As a minimum we recommend at least 5 visits for new construction.
We can also be available for questions or concerns at other times during the construction

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